Polychloroprene Dispersions for High-Performance Adhesives

Waterborne technology with many benefits

Polychloroprene dispersions for high-performance waterborne adhesives

Adhesives based on polychloroprene resins are often cost-effective solutions in applications where high strength is needed immediately. Polychloroprene resins are forming instant bonds with a high green strength. While solvent-based systems were introduced first to the market, waterborne polychloroprene adhesives have become an attractive alternative.

Water-based Dispercoll® C  polychloroprene dispersions from Covestro provide inherent environmental compatibility and can also be:

  • Easily formulated in high solids adhesives
  • Highly filled with inorganic fillers
  • Formulated in adhesives with high softening points, even without the use of isocyanates

The Dispercoll® C polychloroprene dispersions have different rates of crystallization, gel contents and degrees of OH-functionalization. This allows for water-based adhesive formulations with a wide range of tackiness, hardness, durability and temperature resistance. In addition, they can be tuned for a variety of applications.

One- (1K) and two-component (2K) adhesives are possible with Dispercoll® C dispersions. Pre-activated 1K Dispercoll® C systems have excellent wet strength and initial adhesion. Two-component Dispercoll® C systems are formulated with our Desmodur® or Bayhydur®  polyisocyanate crosslinkers. The formulation provides greater cohesiveness and temperature stability to a wide range of substrates.

The heat resistance and wet bonding strength of adhesives based on Dispercoll® C polychloroprene dispersions can also be improved by incorporating Dispercoll® S nano-silica dispersions.

Properly formulated Dispercoll® C dispersions are used as substitutes for solventborne polychloroprene raw materials. Applications include waterbased-contact cements and foam-laminating adhesives for the automotive, construction, furniture, footwear and packaging industries.

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