Latent Reactive Polyurethane Dispersions

Two for one

1K latent reactive polyurethane dispersions for industrial adhesives

Heat-activated, two-component (2K) waterborne polyurethane adhesives are widely used in demanding industrial applications because of their high initial and final strengths and heat resistance. They do, however, require a mixing step and have a limited pot life. One-component (1K) latent reactive polyurethane dispersions from Covestro are the perfect alternative.

Our latent-reactive PU dispersions consist of water-based Dispercoll® U  polyurethanes combined with deactivated solid isocyanates. Heating is required to activate the isocyanate for crosslinking, which yields a 1K formulation with the properties of a 2K adhesive. These beneficial properties include:

  • High initial and final bond strength
  • Good heat resistance
  • Resistance to discoloration
  • Resistance against oils, fats and plasticizers
  • Long-term durability

Adhesives based on latent-reactive Dispercoll® polyurethane systems can be used:

  • As 1K systems with 2K properties
  • As storage-stable pre-coatings on various substrates for later use in more flexible, streamlined processes
  • The preparation of ready-to-use adhesive films (reactive hot-melts)

Dispercoll® U latent reactive PU dispersions overcome many limitations of traditional 2K adhesives technologies:

  • Elimination of dosing and mixing errors
  • No pot life or open time issues
  • Less waste and reduced cleaning requirements
  • Possibility for separation of the adhesive application and bonding steps
  • Simplification of the lamination process for time, material and cost savings
  • Bonding of disparate materials, such as metals and plastics

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