dcsimg Technologies 100 Percent Solids Polyurethane Adhesives

Nonsolvent formulations with solvent-like performance

Polyurethane prepolymers for high-performance, 100% solids adhesives

Adhesive formulations made with 100 percent solids are an attractive option for many applications. Previously, they were challenging to develop with high-performance properties.

100 Percent Solids

Covestro has applied its extensive expertise and understanding of polyurethane chemistry to the development of 100 percent solids raw materials. The result: easy-to-use, polyurethane prepolymers formulations without solvents for adhesives that are effective, even in the most challenging bonding and laminating applications.

Desmodur® nonsolvent polyurethane prepolymers are designed for use in high-performance adhesives. 

Desmoseal® S  100 percent solids silane-terminated polyurethane (STP) prepolymers combine the benefits of a polyurethane backbone with a silane-based curing mechanism.

Desmoseal® M  polyurethane prepolymers have a low monomer content.

Desmocap®  prepolymers contain blocked isocyanate groups for more controlled reactivity.

Our prepolymers are based on different polyol (polyester, polyether, polycarbonate) and polyisocyanate (aromatic, aliphatic) components. This broad portfolio, combined with the proper selection of other ingredients (catalyst, filler and plasticizer) allows for the formulation of adhesives with properties that meet high performance requirements.

Further tailoring adhesive properties is achieved by formulating 100 percent solids two-component (2K) systems. The 2K systems utilize our polyurethane prepolymers and polyisocyanate crosslinking agents.

Adhesives based on our polyurethane prepolymers without solvents have many attractive features such as:

  • Good adhesion
  • Good flexibility
  • Good chemical and physical resistance
  • Low residual monomer content
  • Adaptable reactivity

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