dcsimg Desmodur® polyisocyanates

Resisting heat, chemicals and hydrolysis

Desmodur® polyisocyanates for optimized polyurethane adhesives

To provide optimized adhesion for any specific application, adhesive formulators need access to a wide range of high-performance building blocks. The Desmodur® range of polyisocyanates from Covestro offers tremendous formulating freedom and excellent performance.

The Desmodur® product line includes aromatic and aliphatic (light-stable) di-isocyanates, polyisocyanates and prepolymers.

Desmodur® R solvent-based crosslinkers, when used for solventborne adhesives based on Desmocoll® products, improve adhesion, heat resistance and  hydrolysis/chemical resistance. They are preferred when high durability and high strength bonds are required.

Desmodur® L polyisocyanates are crosslinkers for solventborne polyurethane adhesives.

Bayhydur® water dispersible aliphatic crosslinkers react under ambient conditions and improve the resistance of waterborne adhesives to moisture, heat, plasticizers and solvents. Adhesives based on Dispercoll® U and Bayhydur® have properties ideal for bonding shoe soles.

Desmodur® N polyisocyanates are used in combination with our polyols to produce fast-curing, reactive adhesives with high heat resistance. The variety of isocyanate contents, functionalities and viscosities allows optimization of adhesive bond flexibility, specific adhesion, durability and curing speed. Adhesives based on Desmodur® N polyisocyanates are ideal for bonding timber structures.

Desmodur® monomeric isocyanates, when combined with our polyols, form solvent- and water-based prepolymers for one- (1K) and two-component (2K) adhesives and sealants with a range of properties.

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