Desmocoll® polyester polyurethanes

A range of crystallinity

Desmocoll® polyurethanes for solventborne heat-activated adhesives

Heat-activated adhesives have the advantage of being non-tacky at room temperature and are attractive for many industrial manufacturing processes. The properties of polyurethanes are readily adjustable to meet different activation temperature requirements.

Desmocoll® hydroxyl functional polyester polyurethanes from Covestro are designed for the formulation of solventborne adhesives. They are formulated for a range of heat-activation temperatures and bonding and lamination applications in the automotive, footwearfurniture and packaging industries .

Supplied as small granules, Desmocoll® grades have good solubility in many organic solvents. They are differentiated with respect to their crystallization rates, heat-resistance properties, adhesion to specific substrates and solution viscosities.
Thermo-activated adhesives formulated with our raw materials offer several advantages:

  • High initial and final bond strengths
  • Good heat resistance and long-term durability, particularly when used in combination with Desmodur® R isocyanate crosslinkers
  • Common application methods, including spray coating
  • Materials with applied, dried adhesive can be stored or transported for later bonding
    Desmocoll® polyurethanes are suitable for the formulation of adhesives used on a variety of substrates, including leather, rubber, textiles, wood, paper, many plastics (including polyurethane elastomers), plastic films, metals and aluminum foils.

Desmocoll® 400 and 500 series products offer excellent adhesion to PVC substrates and have high resistance to the most commonly used PVC plasticizers.

Although most Desmocoll®-based adhesives are heat-activated, formulations are also available for systems that require no activation.

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