Feica 2016

1k application with 2k property level

Covesto @ FEICA 2016 Conference and EXPO

Covestro will be presenting at the FEICA 2016 Conference and EXPO in Vienna, Austria. The event will take place on 7-9 September 2016. Order the whitepaper covering the Feica 2016 presentation and information beyond.

Modern waterborne contact adhesives

Waterborne systems based on polychloroprene dispersions have proven to be suitable in replacing solvent borne contact adhesives in many applications. With Dispercoll® C Covestro has created a product that does not only meet the properties of traditional solvent-based systems but exeeds those with lower odor, greater storage stability and good compatibility with other emulsion systems.

Our waterborne technologies
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Upholstery and Foam Bonding
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Modern waterborne contact adhesives: 1k application with 2k property level

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