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New adhesive base saves time, energy and costs

Flexible packaging with increased efficiency

The market for convenient and safe packaging solutions is growing – just like the desire for shorter delivery times and greater flexibility. Two days from production to delivery of packaging laminates is what Covestro promises for adhesives based on Desmodur® quix 175. Short-term changes of packaging can now reach stores quicker.

Desmodur quix

Packaging is an integral part of a product. It is the first point of contact for consumers and boosts the increase in value. Among other things, this can be clearly seen in the food sector. The growing desire of many consumers for convenient-to-use snacks for the road can only be met with clever packaging solutions: They should be easy to open and reclose, without any freshness being lost.

At the same time, consumer tastes are constantly changing. Speed is therefore increasingly becoming a competitive factor. That is why packaging manufacturers now have to provide answers for their customers and retailers – not only suitable ones, but quick ones too. Adhesive specialists at Covestro have now developed the corresponding raw material: Desmodur® quix 175. Until now, the finished high-performance laminates for medications or sterilisable food had to be stored in a heated room for up to two weeks in order to cure. Adhesives formulated with Desmodur® quix 175 now achieve that in only two days – at room temperature.

The significant time saved enables consumer goods manufacturers to implement very short-term increases in volume and changes in design. For example, packaging sizes can be quickly adapted to new customer requirements. Packaging manufacturers no longer have to take into account long delivery times and can react flexibly. Of course Desmodur® quix 175 also fulfils the specific safety requirements for use in food or medicine. Sterilization of special packages at over 120 degrees Celsius? No problem with Desmodur® quix 175 – and quick and efficient too.

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