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Welcome to the world of INVENTING

As your leading partner for polyurethane chemistry, we know you are competing in increasingly challenging environments: Your customers are becoming more and more demanding in their expectations for quality, durability, sustainability and the aesthetics of products. And they have more choices. For you this means that cost pressure is rising – while innovation cycles are becoming faster and faster.

Helping you to turn this challenge into your competitive advantage is the goal that drives our daily work. We call it: INVENTING FOR YOU. But what exactly are the basic values underlying this promise? What principles enable us to improve your productivity, drive sustainability, ensure reliability and co-create future-proof businesses?

First and foremost, we are curious. Because only if we listen closely to you and ask the right questions, we can respond to your individual needs with new, creative and unexpected solutions that make a real difference to you. That is why inventing for us always starts with thinking about your unmet business challenges. It requires an indepth understanding of your needs along the whole value chain. To make sure: What we invent stands the test of time.

Living up to this aspiration requires more than competencies – it calls for a corporate culture of being courageous. A culture that is defined and lived by dedicated people who cooperate to push the boundaries of invention founded on knowledge and experience. Our courage permeates our entire business – from partnerships to business models.

This is also reflected in our colorful business philosophy. We appreciate partnerships that go beyond traditional black-and-white ways of acting and thinking. An attitude of openness that invites you to co-create new things – rather enabling you than just providing. We are optimistic and resourceful in finding solutions that inspire our customers and partners.

This set of fundamental values adds up to an unrivaled performance orientation to constantly strive for the better, be it through big or small changes. A true sense of business regardless of function. And a deep commitment to delivering our promise everyday. Anywhere. Again and again.

Scarpa Shoes
Mountaineering shoes aren't made for walking
26.01.2016 more »
Innovation in digital printing technology
04.12.2015 more »
Forte Tower – wooden components of up to 15 meters in length bonded with adhesive based on Desmodur.
Forte Tower Melbourne - bonded skyscraper
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Improving 3D Printing
Versatile plastics for versatile properties
07.08.2015 more »
Safe Packaging
Higher efficiency thanks to faster curing
01.06.2015 more »
Enabling beauty
Multifunctional polymers for cosmetics
21.05.2015 more »
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Covestro & Scarpa
Mountaineering shoes aren't made for walking
Mountaineering shoes aren't made for walking more »
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For You

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Our attitude
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