Digital Printing Technology

Digital Printing Technology

Recognizing digital printing’s potential

The traditional printing industry is at a turning point. Analog is on the way out, and digital technologies are growing rapidly. The ways we use printing for business are changing, too.

Digital printing

At Covestro, our focus is on using digital printing as a new application method for coatings, adhesives and even 3D structures.

We’re creating a consortium of partners who also share our vision of the future. This is an opportunity to think big and reinvent the way we do business.

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Digital printing technology has the potential to enable

  • More mass customization and individualization
  • Additional workplace safety
  • Automation and localization of manufacturing
  • Functionalization of substrates
  • Reduction of production footprint
  • Process and product usage efficiency
  • Reshaping of the value chain
  • New potential business models

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Let us know what you think - take part in our survey!

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