Specialty Raw Materials for Upholstery and Foam Adhesives

Polychloroprene: the ideal solution

Specialty raw materials for furniture upholstery and foam bonding adhesives

Upholstery and foam provide comfort in several types of furniture but keeping that foam construction in place can be a challenge. This requires special adhesives that don’t penetrate foam pores, have fast-acting wet strength and can rapidly absorb large amounts of tension. Polychloroprene latex-based adhesives are the ideal solution.

Upholstery / Foam Bonding
Specialty Raw Materials for Upholstery and Foam Adhesives

Water-based polychloroprene dispersions from Covestro are designed specifically for the bonding of foams for mattresses, soft furniture and furniture upholstery.

Dispercoll® C dispersions provide sprayable adhesives with good wet strength, fast build-up of properties and good heat resistance.

Cost-effective, pre-activated one-component (1K) Dispercoll® C systems can be formulated by dosing with carbon dioxide (CO₂) to lower the pH level. This leads to better wet strength and initial adhesion than adhesives formulated with added organic acids. Coagulation of the adhesive film occurs as a result of the high shear forces generated during the spraying process.

Two-component (2K) Dispercoll® C systems are also available. These systems are applied in a spray-mix process with an aqueous solution of inorganic salts added into the adhesive spray mist to cause coagulation of the adhesive film.

The application rheology, heat resistance and bond strength development for wet bonding of Dispercoll® C-based adhesive formulations are further improved by incorporating Dispercoll® S nano-silica dispersions.

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Patented bonding with CO2 activation
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