Adhesive Raw Materials for Wood Furniture

Strength, durability and aesthetics

High-quality adhesive raw materials for furniture

Adhesives used for manufacturing furniture must provide strong, long-lasting bonds that withstand high loads. But these adhesives also need to be economical and provide the desired aesthetics. Waterborne and solvent-free adhesive raw materials based on polyurethane and polychloroprene chemistry provide formulators with a wide choice of effective solutions.

Wood - Furniture
Adhesive raw materials for wood furniture

Covestro offers a broad portfolio of polyurethane and polychloroprene raw materials for the formulation of adhesives with a range of applications in the furniture industry.

Dispercoll® U polyurethane dispersions and Desmodur® D polyisocyanate crosslinkers afford heat-activated adhesives with ideal properties for the 3D lamination of furniture.

Dispercoll® U polyurethane dispersions, when combined with deactivated solid isocyanates, enable formulation of one-component (1K), storage-stable, latent reactive adhesives. They are useful for manufacturing laminates for furniture front panels.

Dispercoll® C waterborne polychloroprene dispersions provide sprayable adhesives with good wet strength, fast build-up of properties and good heat resistance. These properties are ideal for bonding foams for mattresses and furniture upholstery.

Desmomelt® solvent-free, 100 percent solids polyurethanes are used in hot melt adhesives with long open times and high bond strength. They are ideal for complex manufacturing processes.

Baycoll® and Desmophen® polyols and Desmodur® and Mondur® polyisocyanates are used to formulate 1K reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesives. Reactive polyurethane hot melts are used for general assembly, furniture lamination and other applications requiring fast bond strength development and high final bond strength.

Our polyurethane and polychloroprene raw materials are excellent for formulation of adhesives used in manufacturing laminated timber and in flooring applications.


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