Polyurethane adhesive raw materials for high-quality footwear

Durable and high performing

Polyurethane adhesive raw materials for high-quality footwear

Adhesives for the shoe industry must have high resistance to impact. Good workability is also a necessity. Polyurethane and polychloroprene adhesives are often preferred because they provide flexible yet strong and durable bonds to the wide variety of substrates used in the shoe industry, including challenging materials.

Strong & reliable adhesion for footwear applications

Covestro works closely with adhesive formulators to develop raw materials that provide the performance and environmental properties that the footwear industry demands.

The result is a broad portfolio of high-quality polyurethane and polychloroprene products for the assembly and bonding of various shoe components. Both waterborne and solventborne systems are available for the formulation of one- (1K) and two-component (2K) adhesives.

To meet the growing demand in the footwear industry for waterborne heat-activated adhesive solutions, Covestro offers aqueous Dispercoll® U polyurethane dispersions. These products also can be reacted with Desmodur® D polyisocyanate crosslinkers to further enhance their properties. In addition, Dispercoll® U products can be formulated with deactivated solid isocyanates in 1K latent-reactive adhesives.

Waterborne Dispercoll® C polychloroprene dispersions are ideal for contact adhesives. Dispercoll® S water-based silica gels can be used to further improve their properties for footwear applications.

Solvent-based Desmocoll® polyurethanes for heat-activated adhesives have a range of properties. Both can also be formulated with Desmodur® R polyisocyanate crosslinkers for improved durability and resistance.

Desmomelt® polyurethanes are specifically designed for the formulation of nonsolvent hot-melt adhesives with good resistance properties.


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