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A new era in high-performance flexible packaging

Desmodur® quix: fast and safe adhesive curing

The market for high performance flexible packaging is growing – and so is the need for flexibility and shorter delivery times. What if there were a lamination adhesive that can cure up to 12 days faster? And that’s just as safe and reliable as conventional solutions – just much, much faster?

Desmodur quix

Look no further than Desmodur® quix 175 from Covestro. Adhesives based on Desmodur® quix 175 cut standard curing times in the production of flexible packaging films from up to two long weeks to just two days – without sacrificing safety for speed.

This provides a 12-day advantage over standard solutions for sterilizable food and medical packaging – opening up a new era in high-performance flexible packaging. This time saving has a direct positive impact on all steps along the value chain such as:  

  • Faster further processing
  • Curing at room temperature - no need for heated storage chamber
  • Shorter lead times
  • Higher flexibility
  • Rapid response to retail trends
  • Increased process efficiency
  • Less working capital

Desmodur® quix 175 gives the full advantages of a long-term, success-focused partnership along the entire value chain. This includes reliable supply through local production in Europe, short delivery times and local technical support for adhesive manufacturers.

With tailor-made formulations based on Desmodur® quix 175, adhesive manufacturers pave the way for converters to start a new definition of time in high-performance flexible packaging.

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