Laminated Timber

Strength through design

Polyurethane adhesives for structural wood bonding

Engineered wood products, such as structural wood panels and structural composite lumber, are widely used in commercial and residential construction. They can be designed to meet application-specific performance requirements. High-performance polyurethanes are often selected for structural wood bonding applications.

Laminated timber – engineered wood
Adhesives building blocks for structural wood bonding

Construction adhesives based on one-component (1K) polyurethane (PU) systems consist of polyisocyanate polyurethane prepolymers. These materials cure by reacting with moisture in the substrate or the atmosphere.

Multi-layer structural wood products (laminated timber)  fabricated using PU-based adhesives can support loads up to 80 percent greater than similar products constructed of natural wood. They exhibit excellent heat and water resistance according to European standards.

Desmodur® prepolymers from Covestro are solvent-free 100 percent solids systems. Their properties can be tailored for specific applications through careful selection of the polyol (polyether or polyester) and polyisocyanate (aromatic or aliphatic) components.

Structural adhesives based on Desmodur® prepolymers are ideally suited for use in the construction of engineered wood products. They offer:

  • High initial strength
  • Excellent adhesion to wood
  • High final adhesive strength
  • Good chemical and physical resistance
  • Tunable reactivity

Desmodur® prepolymers cure via a virtual 1K curing mechanism, which is a 1K system from an application standpoint but utilizes a two-component (2K) reaction (NCO + water).  They can also be formulated as two-component (2K) systems with polyether polyols, short-chain polyols or polyamines.

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