Flooring Adhesives

Perfect for wood and laminate flooring

Reactive polyurethane adhesives for wood flooring

Adhesives for hardwood floors must meet demanding physical and environmental performance requirements. Solvent-free reactive polyurethane (PU) adhesives are the technology of choice. They exhibit good adhesion to a wide range of substrates and can be formulated with very low emissions. They also do not induce moisture expansion.

Flooring adhesives
High-quality raw materials for wood and laminate flooring adhesives

The formulation of high-performance solvent-free adhesives and sealants used to be a challenge. With 100 percent solids prepolymers from Covestro, adhesive formulators have an effective solution. These raw materials are used for one- (1K) and two-component (2K) PU and soft- to hard-elastic silane-terminated PU adhesives for flooring applications.

Their many advantages include:

  • Outstanding flexibility
  • High initial strength
  • Excellent final adhesive strength
  • Good adhesion to wood, concrete and other surfaces
  • Superior chemical and mechanical resistance
  • No moisture expansion
  • Low emissions

Desmodur® and Desmoseal® M prepolymers contain free isocyanate groups and can be used to formulate adhesives and sealants with a wide range of properties. Crosslinking occurs via a virtual 1K moisture-curing mechanism. They can also be formulated with polyether polyols, short-chain polyols or amines.

Desmoseal® S silane-terminated prepolymers (STPs) are PU prepolymers with tri-functional alkoxysilane end groups. Adhesive formulations based on STPs offer bubble-free curing (no CO2 release), require less catalyst and demonstrate outstanding physical properties after curing.

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