Earthquake mediation

Life-changing fabric and adhesive

Polyurethane adhesive adds protection from earthquake damage

One of the greatest dangers people face in an earthquake is the masonry that falls from damaged walls and ceilings. An earthquake protection system based on a novel polyurethane adhesive is helping masonry remain stable even when exposed to seismic tremors.

Earthquake mediation
Protection of weak points due to seismic wallpapers

Even the slightest structural weakness can lead to the collapse of a masonry wall during an earthquake, typically due to failure at high stress points.

By covering a wall with seismic wallpaper developed by Covestro, weak points are systematically strengthened. The impact energy of the earthquake is distributed across the entire wall surface.

If joints crack along the full length of the wall, the glass fiber fabric and adhesive in the seismic wallpaper hold the bricks together.

The performance of the seismic wallpaper is due to the special adhesive used to bond the glass fiber to the masonry. This adhesive is based on a special grade of  Dispercoll® U polyurethane dispersions. Conventional wallpaper paste and traditional high-performance adhesives did not meet the requirements.

The flexible polyurethane adhesive bonds strongly to both masonry and the glass fiber fabric, and gives the fabric added tear strength. In addition, because Dispercoll® U is waterborne and contains no organic solvents, the adhesive is ideally suited for indoor use.

The earthquake protection system is easily installed like wallpaper, unlike carbon fiber systems that require plaster removal before installation.

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