Automotive Adhesives Overview

Reliable and durable

Automotive industry bonds with sustainable adhesive raw materials

An adhesive must be reliable and durable without taking away from a vehicle’s visual appeal. With a wide range of building blocks for adhesives, Covestro can help formulators and tier suppliers achieve these requirements with high-performance, sustainable adhesives. Our building blocks for adhesives are ideal for creating flexible bonds.

Automotive – Transportation
Adhesive raw materials for automotive applications

In an effort to reduce interior and exterior weight, automakers are increasingly using a variety of lighter weight materials to build vehicles. Polyurethane materials help automakers bond a range of materials such as steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and composites.

Our polyurethane dispersions are used to produce thermo-activatable adhesives to laminate interior automotive parts. Additionally, our latent-reactive crosslinking technology allows formulation of one-component (1K) systems that show properties typical of two-component (2K) systems.

Polychloroprene dispersions are ideal for contact adhesives in applications such as foam bonding.

Our solvent-free 100 percent solids raw materials are formulated to produce reactive adhesives for structural applications. They are used in direct glazing, roof linings and for bonding seating units. They are also utilized for bonding metals and sheet molding compound.


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Brochure: Coating and adhesive raw materials for the automotive industry
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